Free Canadian Lease Agreement Templates for Landlords

SingleKey has assembled a collection of free Lease Agreement Forms for each province, all in one place, to help landlords across Canada.

Tenant Eviction Cost Calculator

Evictions are difficult for everyone involved, but it’s something you need to be prepared for as a landlord. From tenant mediation to eviction, SingleKey can help make sure you’re prepared – every step of the way.

How Bill 184 Affects Landlords in Ontario

Also known as the “Mass Eviction Bill” by its opponents, the new amendment to the 2006 Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) has become a hot topic of discussion between tenants and landlords as the real effect of this bill remain in dispute over its lack of clarity.

Best Rental Websites to list your property in Canada

Nowadays, most tenants are looking online for rental options. It’s fast, easy to compare listings, and, in light of the current pandemic, socially-distant.

How to Work with Tenants during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With recurring bills such as mortgage payments, utility bills and other financial obligations, how can landlords and their tenants weather this storm without rancour?

How to Screen for Great Tenants

Tenants that are soon to live in your property can come in all types : good, bad, really bad. This is why you should do your due diligence before renting out your unit.

A Guide for the Cost of Evicting a Tenant in Canada

How do landlords evict tenants in Canada? What does the eviction process look like and how much does it actually cost to remove a delinquent tenant?

New Ontario Standard Lease Agreement

In December 2020, the Ontario government released an updated standard lease agreement template to account for RTA changes that were introduced in July 2020 by Bill 184.

How to: Collect from a Tenant who Caused Property Damage

The Residential Tenancies Act 2006 (RTA) outlines that certain landlord and tenant disputes are to be handled by the Landlord Tenant Board (LTB). Following the enactment of Bill 184, it is within the LTB’s jurisdiction to hear cases where landlords claim that tenants have damaged their rental unit. Applications

Does my Tenant Qualify for the Rent Guarantee Program?

All tenants must be approved by SingleKey before a landlord can sign up for the Rent Guarantee program. The good news is that almost all tenants can qualify. The qualification process depends on a few factors including whether your tenant is new or mid-lease. New Tenants A "New Tenant&

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